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We provide legal assistance upon request or to clients on the following immigration statuses:

  • Temporary stay (tourism)
  • Temporary Residence
  • Permanent Residence
  • Naturalization
  • Administrative and/or judicial resources against illegal and/or authority's arbitrary decisions

Each of these statuses require or may require some type of immigration processing, either to obtain, maintain, or change to another category.

Our study accompanies and legally manages the corresponding procedures, as well as the administrative and judicial actions and resources that are necessary for the assignment's success.


It is the permit granted to foreigners who enter the country without intending to settle in it, whether for tourism, business, sports, short-term work, among others, with a maximum validity of 90 days...

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It is the residence permit granted to foreigners who intend to settle in Chile for a limited time, either to work, start an entrepreneurship, study, has ties with Chileans or foreigners with permanent...

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It is the permit to reside indefinitely in Chile and authorizes the development of any lawful activity. As a rule, you must have twenty-four months of temporary residence to apply for permanent reside...

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Numeral 3 of article 10 of the Political Constitution of the Republic states that foreigners who obtain a nationalization letter in accordance with the law are Chileans, a matter that is regulated in ...

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