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It is the residence permit granted to foreigners who intend to settle in Chile for a limited time, either to work, start an entrepreneurship, study, has ties with Chileans or foreigners with permanent residence, family reunification, etc., with a validity up to two years, extendable. As a rule, they must be requested outside of Chile, through the National Migration Service's.

  • Permit for legal paid activities, which is granted to people who wish to enter the country to reside by virtue of a contract, work offer or creditable fees by other or made on their own.

  • Seasonal worker permit, which is granted for periods of up to 6 months per year, valid for up to five years, intended for specific seasonal jobs.

  • Multiple-entry business permit, for executive management related to businesses or investments that foreign companies maintain in Chile, which total stay in the country does not add up to more than six months per year.

  • Permit for investors and related personnel, with an investment project for an amount equal to or greater than USD 500,000 and a sponsorship letter from the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (InvestChile).

  • Permit for retired foreigners, through accreditation of such quality in their country of origin or previous residence that allows them to satisfy their basic needs in Chile.

  • Permit for foreign rentiers, having to prove permanent income derived from the exploitation of real estate or financial assets.

  • Permission for religious of officially recognized cults.

  • Permission for medical treatments, which must be started or continued before institutional or private health providers registered in the Superintendence of Health, also accrediting sufficiency of economic means.

  • Permit for former holders of permanent residence, who have lost it for exceeding the time allowed outside of Chile, having to prove financial support.

  • Permission for international agreements, referring to agreements of the "working holiday" type aimed at young people between 18 and 30 years of age, signed with the countries of the Pacific Alliance, that is, Mexico, Colombia and Peru and also with Germany, Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal. Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland, among others, as well as residence permits for businesses associated with Free Trade Agreements signed by Chile.

  • Permits for international reciprocity

  • Permit to search for job opportunities, subject to the issuance of the National Migration and Aliens Policy.

  • Permission to study in educational establishments recognized by the State, who may carry out paid activities for up to 30 hours per week.

  • Family reunification permit for spouse or civil partner, father or mother, minor child, disabled child, unmarried child under 24 years of age who is studying or minor under personal care or guardianship, Chilean or foreigner with permanence final in Chile.

  • Permits for dependents of temporary residence holders, whose link is one of those indicated in the previous paragraph.

  • Permit granted for humanitarian reasons, among which are contemplated: i) Permit for victims of human trafficking; ii) Permission for women victims of domestic or gender violence; iii) Permit for victims of smuggling of migrants; iv) Special permission for pregnant foreign women; and v) Children and adolescents.

  • Permit for refugees, which is requested within Chile and in accordance with the rules of Law 20,430.

  • Permit for political asylum, which is requested as a rule outside of Chile, in accordance with the rules of articles 94 and following of Law 21,325.

  • Extension of permits within the term, being able to request the same permit that is currently held, change to another, or apply for permanent residence, which must be done no more than 90 and no less than 10 days prior to the expiration of the current residence permit.

  • Extension of permits after deadline, being able to request a new temporary residence permit within nine months after the expiration of the previous permit, paying the corresponding fines.