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It is the permit granted to foreigners who enter the country without intending to settle in it, whether for tourism, business, sports, short-term work, among others, with a maximum validity of 90 days, extendable. As a rule, Chile allows entry under this category to nationals of most countries in the world, particularly with which there is reciprocity (Schengen Area, most Latin American countries, USA, United Kingdom, Russia, among others).

  • Consular transitory visa: It is the consular authorization to enter Chile as a tourist -of an exceptional nature- that our country requires from more than 100 nations, including Cuba, Haiti and Venezuela.

  • Extension of temporary stay: The temporary stay permit expires within the term set by the border police authority, which cannot exceed 90 days. Once that period has expired, it can be extended for another 90 days without having to leave the country.

  • Work permit with temporary stay: It is a provisional permit that is granted to those who come to the country for a short time to work, with a maximum duration of 90 days, while their temporary stay remains in force.